Masnomis Ltd      Masnomis GmbH  6 Hamilton Close  Kastanienallee79   NW8 8QY,UK         10435, Berlin      
 UK:+44(0) 20 8459 5352                                     DE: +49(0) 17650804899                      
        Masnomis Ltd is an innovative London-based                           independent production company.
        Masnomis Gmbh is also now up and running in                         Berlin.

                      Founded in 2009 with the aim of producing                first class TV and film, Masnomis                                              operates in all genres, from factual documentary to                     fiction, feature length to TV  series and                                    with all major broadcasters across the globe.

        The Masnomis team are steadfast in maintaining                       the cornerstones of our business model:                                     creativity, quality and passion; three factors that are                applied to all projects regardless of size.
With the use of cutting edge technology, the crew at Masnomis are equipped to execute projects across the globe, ensuring fast turn-around while maintaining the highest quality of product. Recent shoots have taken place across Africa and Europe, including South Africa, Cameroon, Egypt, Paris, Berlin, London and Cardiff.

Currently with a strong focus in the feature length documentary sector, Masnomis is committed to creating exciting, original, stand-out productions that break the traditional mould.
Since 2011 Masnomis has expanded rapidly and is committed to producing 2-3 Feature films per year.

With a strong financial base, Masnomis is expanding its production slate and we are actively encouraging project submissions and investment partners to add to the rapidly growing roster of clients and co-productions.